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My Life

Hi !!!

I’m Joanne Christine,

A woman with an unquenchable passion for architectural, interior design, travel, cultural heritage, family and all things beautiful.

Ever since I can remember, my home has been the foundation of my story. A sacred space where I can nurture the people I love. A space where I have created a home out of a labor of love, creativity, and self-expression.

I grew up within a family where I saw my mother, grandmother and aunts make their own personal style statement using ingenuity within their homes. Each home told a story .......  never letting how much was in their wallet limit them. Today, with technology, there are more resources available however style still requires  creativity and knowing thyself. I have learned from a unique class of women who still inspire me today.

A little about me -

I’m a wife, mother, and business woman who loves traditions and has created a few of my own.  I like to vacation with my family at the beach.  I love to dance, cook and create things into existence.  I get inspired by vintage mid-century items and the stories tied to them.  I have an eye for quality and like most woman enjoy the hunt for a bargain; therefore, I’ll shop almost anywhere.  I am very much a modern woman who enjoys traveling, embracing technology, redefining stereotypes and exploring new things. 

I’ve worked 16 years in the fields of real estate, finance and leadership.  I’m naturally a curious woman that loves to understand what resonates with you so I can help you find a space to create your story.  My design roots were born in the fashion industry where I started off as a make up artist and later worked as a project manager for construction rehabs.

I hope you find my website the "Heart of Santa Clarita"  to be a source of inspiration and a resource that helps you find a community that you can call home. Always remember to make your home life beautiful!!!

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